Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno — New York, New York

Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno is a SSG in the US Army, a Domenican. She travels with her daughter (Blanca), a cheating little s**t who likes married men when they dress in their uniforms. Bang, bang, Blanca, you’re busted. These two (mother and daughter) get around, from Texas (Ft. Hood) to Washington (Killeen) to Mosouri (Ft. Lost in the Woods) to Clarksville, Tennessee (Ft. Campbell, KY). Blanca’s cheater man outranks her mom and she thinks everyone should have to salute her because she bagged a cheater with rank but no morals or class. A party girl, Blanca likes to front like a gangster and act like a young tramp. She needs an intervention and recovery, if not for her own sake, for that of her son.

2 thoughts on “Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno — New York, New York”

  1. montrose says:

    sounds like this b***h gets around

  2. Kim says:

    Poor kid, with a mother like that. She will always be a b***h.

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