Marsha Garcia — Lake Mary, Florida

She is on the prowl for a sugar daddy who is a married men who can support her on the side and buy her everything she needs in exchange for s*x. Age is not an issue.

2 thoughts on “Marsha Garcia — Lake Mary, Florida”

  1. Carl says:

    This sorry a*s home wrecking piece of trash has ruined too many relationships by her aggressive manner in asserting herself in other womens relationships and handing out BJs like there is no tomorrow. She has no moral ethics, no boundaries that she wont cross, and no class. She heaps on the lies and spins the tallest tales about herself. She cant keep a relationship going because she is so sorry. Google her name and see all the people she has burnt, the criminal record, and ask what her drug use has done to her own family. She is one disgusting fat b***h.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hear that sucking sound? That’s Marsha Garcia doing down on another dudes stick for some extra cash.

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