Gemima Hippolyte — Orlando, Florida

Gemima Hippolyte was sleeping with my husband while we were still married. My idiot, now ex husband, introduced her to my daughters behind my back without them knowing that she was stealing their daddy! Gemima aka homewrecker met my ex husband at work. Which is disgusting because they pretty much got paid to have s*x with each other. The wig in this photo is from her professional profile. That’s the wig she wears with my ex husband. Don’t be fooled. I recently found out that she wears multiple different wigs with the different married men she sleeps with. She is a chameleon. You never know with this chick. If you are in Orlando, keep your husbands close because this girl is a relentless Jezebel.

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  1. Find me hoe says:

    For the woman that wrote this paragraph, you are such a pathetic person. You had the time in the world to create several different websites about my sister when none of this s**t is true! First of all, he left you and you were begging him to come back! You are a hating a*s b***h that could’ve done something more productive with your life, but you decided to waste your time sweating on a man that didn’t even want you and none of the s**t that you said was even true. He wanted her not you so don’t blame it on the other woman Blame it on yourself for not being good enough 😘 pathetic b***h 🙄 B***h if i find you IM BEATING YO A*S ON SIGHT!

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