Annie McKay – Calgary

For a good time call Annie McKay. She likes to do it in the alley , in the car any where with anyone as long as they are married and older. She works at Rocky Mountain soap at south centre mall in Calgary, Alberta. She acts innocent but likes s*x toys and going all over the guys face. She does not care if the guy has kids although she does not want kids herself. She just wants the s*x.

5 thoughts on “Annie McKay – Calgary”

  1. Suay says:

    😂She was th same way in high school

  2. D. says:

    Poor guy who fell for her routine she f***** my best friend when she lived in Ontario and then tried to act like she was the victim . She ruined a child hood friendship. Shes not work a dime . She also has a gross skin disease FYI says it’s due to “health issues” she does not like to use protection so be careful.

  3. Ally.m says:

    S**t!!! When you don’t respect kids are involved your a piece of $#!+

  4. Sid J says:

    So you like married men that cheate on their wives with you, but they will never cheat on you ??? How gullible can you be 😂😂😂. People like you deserve what ever karma you get !!

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